On The Hunt For Orchids

Duke Farms was a place I knew of since I was a child. My family owning a restaurant only a short walk down the road from the main entrance gave me the opportunity to drive past it everyday as a child. After wondering what curiosities sat behind the stone wall for 24 years I finally got the chance to. I packed the car with gear grabbed my friends and set on the two hour drive. We had a late start and got there with very little time to waste. Park closed at 430. We got there at 330. We parked, got out and realized, “Oh hey, it’s raining out.” we pushed through got into the park and attempted to not get lost searching for the greenhouses. We made sure not to get to distracted by the ransomed stone statues or scenery. And then like any reveal in any movie. The greenhouses appeared through the bushes. We got up to the door and pulled. It didn’t open. Then we pushed. Ah makes sense now. We got inside and we’re greeted with warmth and the sky not pouring on us. Opening the second set of doors led us into this giant glass room filled with trees ponds and a small waterfall. After the brief moment of awe we immediately got to work. Knowing we had a very short limited time before the park closed we wanted to make sure we could get out. Walking around the first room we made our way to every corner. The small wooden bridge, the bench made out of an old tree trunk. We used everything we could before moving into the next room.

A small connector room covered in greens left, right, and above. All centered around a water fountain that got anyone in a two foot distance around it soaked from the cascading water. Moving deeper into to the greenhouses we got to what you imagine when you think of greenhouses , rows and rows of green plants from orchids to ferns, they had everything that you could imagine in there. We used all of it shooting through, on next too. All of it. Below are those photos hope you all enjoy.

Zachary Foerst